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HOHOLENS Cash Rewards for every order. – No purchase needed for referrers.

Give 5% and Earn 5% Cash Rewards.

Cash Back in a Big Fat Check or via PayPal

Hoholens Cash Rewards is an easy and rewarding way to thank our current or future Hoholens members, while sharing a minimum 10% extra credit with them. All Hoholens customers receive partial or full credit on their Hoholens orders by introducing their friends and family members to new products at Hoholens.

Easy to Start

Just sign in to your account and accept the rewards code: no purchase needed. You will find your unique 6-7 digit rewards code under Rewards Overview. Give your rewards code to others to use at checkout for an instant 5% additional reward credit for them and a 5% credit reward for you for every order they place.

Share your rewards code with your family and friends. Share via your social media account, blog, YouTube channel, or just include in emails to others.  Once a reward code is entered in an account, all future order credit will automatically accumulate to both your accounts.

Rewards can be used like cash on the site. Reward credit is only granted for regular transactions, no reward is given for orders made with reward credit.

We will send you the cash you’ve earned! If your reward credit is $100 or more, it will be sent either in a Big Fat Check or via PayPal. Please contact our customer service to process your cash back request.

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